Tuesday, March 22, 2011


When I was in Grand Turk I saw these really cool flowers made out of soda bottles. They were hanging in a cute little shop as decoration. As soon as I saw then I thought "I could so do that!" I know...I know how many times do you think that and then never make it...well I decided I was going to make these and I did!

So save your soda bottles and start crafting! Here is how easy it was:

1. cut your bottle about 3inches from the top.

throw away the bottom...you don't need it.

2. Cut the top piece into a flower shape, it does not need to be perfect(flowers are all different sizes and shapes)

3. Now take the  petals and bend them back so they curl under towards the cap. Now you are ready to paint.

4. I used Making Memories acrylic paint but I am sure any brand acrylic would work.

5. Here is the finished flower.

Just hang them from some fishing line and you have a great garland...too cute huh??

Thanks for spinning!


  1. What a great idea! I am totally gonna steal that!

  2. go for it..they are so easy and so cute!Thanks for following my sad little blog :)Please show me what you do with them!