Monday, March 14, 2011

Awesome weekend!!!

CKC was in Louisville this weekend! I love working the convention...I get to see our awesome customers from Archivers, I get to see all the vendors and I get to shop! What could be better???

Well let me tell you: This year Archiver's booth was directly across from the Studio Calico booth! If you are not familiar with Studio Calico you should be...check them out here and then come tell me how awesome you think they are!

Well, I got to hang with the wonderful owners April and Greg (their beautiful baby Claire) and with Lorie, and Kelly Purkey and Nicole Harper! That is like hanging with scrapbook celebrities!  They were awesome! They couldn't have been nicer people! All the more reason to love Studio Calico!

They even stopped in  Archivers after a very long weekend to check out the store!

Me with Kelly Purkey!

Me with Nicole Harper!

What an awesome weekend!!!

Spin on over to Studio Calico and let me know what you think!


  1. Nice pictures! Glad to hear they came to Archivers!

  2. such a pleasure meeting/chatting with you & your staff...thanks for letting us shop during the crop!! :)