Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am entering again!

I have decided that this is the year! I am going to enter as many projects as I can. I really enjoy the thrill of completing a project and submitting the project to see what happens. You can't win them, all but it sure is fun trying....go ahead enter see how it goes...what have you got to loose?? NOTHING! So I am entering a contest at work...calendar pages. We had to use the kit they supplied, they were looking for the best use of the kit. Here is one of my entries(I made 2, I will show the other one later)

So I chose November...I really like working with Fall colors, however after I started working on this page I realized it was kinda of busy and dark....I used some glimmermist on the flowers to lighten them up a bit...we will see...I will let you know how the contest goes.  I am going up against 43 other stores!
Thanks for spinning with me...go ahead give it a shot enter a contest and see what happens :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So I am Entering :)


erin lee is having a contest sponsored by Oh My Crafts...so I figured why not!

It was supposed to be a Halloween entry so I decided to use my brand new cricut cartridge "Happy Hauntings" (which by the way I Love!) I cut one of the awseome frames from black vinyl. I then cut the skull layers in orange cardstock and added some orange glitter. I added this to a Ready to make fram that I had covered in purple cardstock. I added a title cut from the same cartridge in neon green and shadowed it in the same purple as the frame. I just so happened to have a quite creepy photo of my son last Halloween. Not bad for a quick last minute entry I guess.....we shall see, it was fun anyway it goes!

Thanks for spinning!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scrapstreet is having a giveaway...check it out

Scrapstreet has over 10,000 subscribers!!! (do ya think that will ever happen here????) Well they are celebrating and decided to do a giveaway! Want to enter?? Well you probably want to know what they are giving away huh!

Is that a big enough prize??? Wow so much stuff who would want all that!!!
go here to enter!! (I did!!!)


Thanks for stepping in my circle! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So...remember when I told you I was working on a birthday present?? well I finished it! I really, REally like it and just might have to make myself one!

My friend Sandie and have joined the Crciut Circle...and boy are we excited!! Soooo I figured I would just add to her collection of Cricut wear:

 This is so easy to make! Just purchase the glass piece and the hook at a local craft store(bead section)
cut your design you want on it(I have used photos before) the apply some Glossy Accents to the paper...push the glass piece onto the paper (glossy accents will squish onto the glass) push till all air bubbles are gone....let dry(takes quite a while!)

Next I took another piece of paper for the back of the charm and repeated the glossy accents step. Apply the hook with Glossy Accents also....I like to apply some more glossy accents to the back of the paper to give it a nice glossy look and protect the backing.....See easy as pie!

The best part is they come in all shapes and sizes!! I am so addicted to making these!

Sandie is gonna LOVE her new Cricut Circle necklace!!!

Thanks for spinning in my little circle again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

well...I did not make any new pages today, I was working on a birthday present for a friend(which I will show you later...I don't want to risk her seeing it to soon) so I will just show you a page I did earlier...I really like the flowers on it(thanks to Shannon!-she rocks!) They are so easy to make...let me tell you how easy!
1st punch about 4 scalloped circles
then you crumple them all up..this is fun!
then stack them up(not perfectly of course)
attach them together with a brad and glue dot to your page!
See very easy!

I like to spray them with a little glimmer mist(one of my favorite things) so they are more pliable and they shimmer real nice.

Thanks for stepping into my little circle! and for some more fun check out my friend Michelle's blog(she is participating in a blog hop!How fun!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Want to win a scrapbox?????

check out this limited edition workbox at:http://theoriginalscrapbox.com/catalog/

You can enter to win this workbox at :

Ok here I go!!!!

looks like I caved in the blog world! So many people have told me I can do this I guess they convinced me I can??? Soooo bare with me while I feel this whole blog world out...I am not real sure where this journey will take me but I am hopeful some of you will want to ride along...

ok, a little about me....I am an avid scrapper and have been for about 12 years now, WOW where has the time gone?? I am also a cricut junkie!! I have 3 kids...ages 20, 18, 12, yes I have adult children...that is almost painful to type...I do not know how that happened! I have a wonderfully supportive husband in this crazy scrappers life and I have just recently become the caretaker of 2 cats...well 1 cat and 1 tiny kitten.

So enough about the nonsense of me I am guessing you might want to see alittle of my craftyness...keep in mind I do this for fun and am not here to tell you how to do yours...just to share a lttle of mine :)
This is a simple 2 page layout that I did on the bike that my girls gave me for Mothers day....
I really love the photos on this page so I really didn't want to take anything away from them.  Simple lines and a simple title make this page...I did add a few Tim Holtz fragments to some bukes on this awesome Little Yellow Bicycle paper...
Just that little accent makes the bike pop adding to the theme of the page.
I hope you will enjoy seeing some of my work.....Thanks for joining me on this little journey and for stepping into my little circle!