Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am entering again!

I have decided that this is the year! I am going to enter as many projects as I can. I really enjoy the thrill of completing a project and submitting the project to see what happens. You can't win them, all but it sure is fun trying....go ahead enter see how it goes...what have you got to loose?? NOTHING! So I am entering a contest at work...calendar pages. We had to use the kit they supplied, they were looking for the best use of the kit. Here is one of my entries(I made 2, I will show the other one later)

So I chose November...I really like working with Fall colors, however after I started working on this page I realized it was kinda of busy and dark....I used some glimmermist on the flowers to lighten them up a bit...we will see...I will let you know how the contest goes.  I am going up against 43 other stores!
Thanks for spinning with me...go ahead give it a shot enter a contest and see what happens :)

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